What is the EU Youth Dialogue?


The EU Youth Dialogue is the dialogue with young people and youth organisations involving decision-makers, as well as experts, researchers and other relevant civil society actors. 


What are its objectives?


  • encourage the participation of young people in democratic life in Europe.
  • promote equal participation between all genders.
  • include diverse voices and to ensure openness to all young people to contribute to policy-shaping;
  • bring about positive change in youth policy at local, regional, national and European level;
  • strengthen young people’s’ citizenship competencies and sense of belonging to the society and the EU.


When does it take place and who does what?


The EU Youth Dialogue is organised into 18-month work cycles. Each cycle focuses on a different thematic priority. The success of EU Youth Dialogue depends on the direct involvement of young people and youth organisations. During each cycle, every EU country conducts a national consultation of young people, policymakers, youth organisations, and YOU! 


What are the results of the last cycle 2019-2020?


Take a look at the results and read more down below!